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Sold in gross lots only. 1 Gross = 144 Flags.made-usa.gif

US Stick Flags 8x12
  • 8x12 inch Hemmed U.S. Stick Flags With Spear
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    8x12 inch Hemmed US Stick Flags With Spear

    These 8" X 12" American Flag stick flags are the traditional choice to decorate veteran's graves and come with gold spears. The 8" X 12" hemmed Amercian flag is mounted on a 5/16 x 24 wood dowel to fit in most grave markers. Our stick flags are...
  • Army Super Flag
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    Complete Set 15' Military Super Flag Kits

    Free Shipping. Please allow 3-7 days for delivery depending on your location. These kits are made to order. Made In The U.S.A. 6 Advertising Military Service Flag Kits - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force - Feather Flags -...