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Veteran Flags

2nd Mar 2014

Veteran Flags


Each year the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs issues almost a half-million veteran flags to drape the caskets of deceased veterans. All honorably discharged veterans are entitled to veteran flags which, upon interment, are folded and presented to the families as a keepsake. is your online resource for 100% SolarMaxTM nylon veteran flags, military flags and other patriotic flags and products.

Only one burial flag may be provided per veteran. Usually the funeral director obtains the interment flags; however, every veteran, and the family of every veteran, should be aware of this special provision.

In addition to veteran flags, we offer other a complete line of military flags, including Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard flags, as well as POW-MIA and Service Banners. Our double-sided POW-MIA flag is also constructed of 100% SolarMax nylon fabric. The POW-MIA insignia is visible on both sides of this high quality flag. All of our printed nylon flags feature a unique dye penetration for long lasting color and resistance to UV fading.

A service flag or service banner in the United States is an official banner that family members of service members in harm's way can display. This military flag or banner is defined as a white field with a red border, with a blue star for each family member in active duty. A gold star with a blue edge represents a family member that died during service, without specifying cause of death. The deceased might have been killed in action, or died due to unrelated causes. These flags were first used in World War I, with subsequent standardization and codification by the end of World War II. They were not popular during the Vietnam War, but have come back into use. In modern usage, an organization may display a service flag if one of its members is serving active duty.

Funeral home directors often find it beneficial to purchase veterans flags in bulk to eliminate having to obtain one at the last minute for a funeral. At, we welcome customers that purchase in bulk.