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made-in-usa-flags-mini.jpg10 Gauge Aluminum Telescoping Flagpoles

The ultimate in Telescoping Flagpoles in the U.S.A.. Telescoping flagpole, each section of the pole raises and lowers easily. Match the arrow to the hole, click the button in place, and with a simple press of the "release" button down your flagpole slides.

With a pole base of 2 3/4" and a wall thickness of 10 gauge aerospace drawn 6013 aluminum this design bridges the lower priced residential flagpoles with the more expensive commercial grade poles valued at hundreds of dollars.

1st section (smallest section) - 1.37" (Top)
2nd section - 1.67"
3rd section - 2"
4th section - 2.37"
5th section - 2.75" (Bottom)

The 20' pole fully collapsed is 77" (not installed)
The 25' pole fully collapsed is 88.5" (not installed)

About 18 inches of that will be put into the ground.

The tensile (or bending strength) of the drawn 6013 aluminum equals or exceeds the strength of traditional steel*.

Our manufacturer guarantees its products with an unparalleled 15 year Warranty (including weather damage).

Designed and tested with the assistance of one of Pennsylvania leading engineering universities and fabricated by Americans for Americans, you can take comfort in the quality and durability of your purchase.

No inexpensive or cheap polycarbonate (Lexan) plastics are utilized in manufacturing, only high quality carbon-fiber composites to insure superior strength and backed by a 15 year warranty.

Our dual-locking design of high quality stainless-steel prevents any accidental dropping of the individual sections and flagpole damage that can occur with traditional spring loaded buttons and twist locks.

In cold weather, our flagpoles will not freeze, and will still be functional do to our special locking system unlike spring loaded and twist lock flagpoles.

The exterior has a smooth and beautiful finish that can only be achieved through the use of drawn aluminum as opposed to the less-expensive extruded aluminum of traditional poles.

For better operation, compatibility, strength and beauty, we are offering the ONLY true 20' telescoping Flagpole consisting of 5 sections instead of 4. Extra thick PVC ground sleeve with a decorative carbon-fiber bushing will help deter theft and unwanted rotational movement.

These New Telescoping Flagpoles are the Ultimate in design and strength and ready to serve you for many years to come.

So don't settle for mediocrity and higher prices when you can have the strongest and finest telescoping flagpole!

Aluminum Telescoping Flagpoles
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