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200 LED Flagpole Solar Light
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200 LED Flagpole Solar Light

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Product Description

200 LED Solar Light - Featuring 3 Brightness Modes

There is NO other light like this!

Our flagpole manufacture is offering a new and technologically advanced flagpole solar light for maximum performance and durability. A  200 LED flagpole solar light with 3,160 lumens and 1.0 amps instead of 0.2 amps like other flagpole solar lights. We increased 5 times the watts of the 200 LED’s while diminishing the rate of discharge in order to maintain longer illumination.

This light provides up to 10+ hours illumination. Most flagpole solar lights that sit on the top of the flagpoles, will illuminate only the pole but hardly any of the flag because of its downward illumination, making them practically useless. Other solar lights usually come with 45 LED’s and 150 Lumens.

Our new 200 LED solar light for the first time ever features a 3 mode brightness option. You now have the ability to operate your solar light at 100%, 60% or 30% brightness capacity.

This option is great for the shorter winter days where the solar light may not receive a full charge. By decreasing the solar light brightness allows you the ability to extend the length of time that your flag will stay illuminated during the night while optimizing your battery power.

The new light comes with an internal 5200 maH lithium battery.

This awesome design consist of eight 45 degree angled light panels, allowing for full illumination of any size flags. It can be used with any size flagpoles and installs easily with any 1/2" threaded ball/eagle topper.

Another unique feature is a custom made 110 V charging adapter with a 30’ long cord that is included.

The new 30' adapter provides the ability to charge the light in about 2 hours on days of rain, snow, or prolonged overcast for uninterrupted illumination of old glory, under any condition.

The solar light comes with a 6 month warranty!


Warranty Information

6 Month Warranty

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